Project Design 

Clubs face radically different market conditions than even 10 years ago. Membership sales and retention and club utilization decisions are very different today than when your club was likely built. 

Do your facilities meet your current and future needs? If you haven't recently renovated or added to your facilities, they probably do not. If you have renovated, how much attention did you pay to club operations and ROI vs aesthetics? How will club changes add to the Value Proposition for members while still maintaining healthy economics for the club? These essential questions are at the heart of your club's strategic plan.

Members look for contemporary food and beverage choices, and amenities that go beyond traditional golf club offerings. It is essential that your facility, programming and operations be fully integrated to offer members the lifestyle choices they seek from your club.

ALT Architecture, founded in 1983, has provided a full range of strategic planning, interior design, equipment and furniture specification on a national level for the club industry. ALT's experience includes involvement with projects from the business concept development stage right through site selection, programming, financing, zoning, building design, construction, equipment planning and acquisition.

ALT is agressive in their attention to detail and budget. Clients expect and receive serious attention to the bottom line. Great emphasis is placed on adding value to all phases of a project. This value added business philosophy, combined with their diverse capabilities ensure that each project they undertake meets and exceeds the goals of the client.

Brian Weaver is a Senior Associate and Hospitality Design Lead at ALT Architure. His strong focus in fitness, restaurant and hospitality projects brings a unique skill set and perspective to the changing nature of the golf and private club marketplace, where the club itself must operate profitably and become even more focused on social and large event amenities.

Project success requires an understanding of club organization, culture and financial position, and an ability to collaborate with club operations, key stakeholders and the membership at large during the planning stage, and with the club, vendor and build team during and after project construction. This collaboration is crucial to maximizing the value of the investment in the project, and requires a leadership role that goes far beyond that of a traditional club designer/architect.

PAPC, working in collaboration with ALT, offers an advantage over most design services as it provides a full turnkey operation for your design and equipment needs. PAPC leverages the buying power of the national clubs they work with to negotiate competitive pricing. Their team members have an extensive background in the food service equipment industry. Services include, equipment sourcing, order placement, program management, staging, logistics services, and installation. PAPC and ALT's partnering delivers a full service solution to ensure your project success.

The right facilities are crucial in order to provide the types of programs and services that draw members to the club. They send a signal to the community about your mission and create a sense of pride and enjoyment among the members.


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