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Commercial Ice Buying Guide

There are several types of ice machines to choose from and they do not all serve the same purpose.  Not only are there different types of condensers, but there are different types of ice. Additionally, there are several factors you must take into consideration when calculating your ice production needs. Suddenly, choosing the right ice machine can seem like a dreadful, daunting task!


But, it doesn't have to be! This guide breaks down all the variables into six easy-to-follow sections that will provide you the information to make the best choice possible.  Your PAPC representative can also assist you in selecting the best ice machine at competitive pricing.





Fabric Selection

Fabric is a critical component to delivering furniture that can withstand heavy wear and tear. Here is a quick reference guide that can assist you in making the right selection. Your PAPC representative can also assist in helping decide what type of fabric is best suited for your needs.



Waterhog Classic Floor Tiles

Waterhog Mat Tiles are the most popular entrance mat in the industry. Due to their raised square, or "waffle" design, these entrance mats are extremely aggressive in scraping shoes clean of all grit, grime and water.

The surface of the Waterhog Floor Tiles are constructed from an anti-static polypropylene fabric that dries quickly and will not fade or rot, making it a perfect floor mat for indoor or outdoor use.

For more information on Waterhog Floor Tiles, click here.






The Future of Cold Food Presentation from Haber

D.W. Haber & Son have engineered a new kind of buffet that keeps hot food hot and cold foods cold without the need for constant servicing, electricity or drainage. 

Set up your buffet and go! All pieces kept in an easy to move and store cart. Click here to view the new fusion buffet system.

For more information, contact your PAPC Representative today!