Why should I join the Purchasing Association of Private Clubs? (PAPC)

Two reasons: you save time, and you save money through the principles of co-op buying.

1. The buying power of MANY is greater than that of the individual.
2. Having everything available through a single source  eliminates redundant effort and thus saves time and money.


The original purchasing group for clubs, PAPC has the resources to source products quickly, thoroughly, and at a very competitive price.  PAPC can be a single source supplier that saves your club time by making one phone call for anything your club needs to purchase.

A single phone call rather than 3 or 4 calls save you time, freeing you up to dedicate yourself to the important task of satisfying your members.  A food purchasing program saves your chef the time of not having to call 3 or 4 produce companies, grocery distributors, and meat companies each day to check prices.  The same applies to office supplies, pool supplies, and virtually anything else your club buys.  If your staff is doing this, they may make between 10-15 calls to get the most competitive prices.  Just think: that 1-2 hours a day could now be used to create new menu items, greet and tend to members, or plan improvements for your club.

As a member of a large buying group, like PAPC, your staff can be assured of getting quality products at very competitive prices.  Your staff works hard to get the best prices possible, but the buying power of many is greater than that of the individual.  Sheer volume means more negotiating power.


It all comes down to good time management; time is a direct cost to your club.  One that you and your staff can do something about.  Join PAPC today and let us help you save time and money.  And let you focus on your members.

Services:  A sample list of the services we offer